How We Help Our Clients

At U.S. Pro, we’re in the business of providing your business with top-notch technical and support personnel, as well as payroll programs to help you achieve your organization’s operative goals.US Professional Services

Facing the challenges of an ever-evolving marketplace has created the need for companies to be more responsive to their customers’ timelines and budgets.  As a nationally recognized provider of quality resources, we are committed to the strategies and processes that make it possible for our clients to compete and thrive in today’s global economy.  We also recognize that every company has its own unique culture.  We leverage the depth of our experienced client service executives to insure that we have a solid grasp on what makes your company special.

We maintain a robust (and growing) database of resources across many industries and disciplines, allowing us the ability to respond to your needs quickly and with the right resource.  

We take pride in matching great people with the right projects at forward-thinking companies and healthcare institutions. 

Here is a sampling of the types of resources we provide across our broad range of clients:

  • Engineers
  • Healthcare professionals (clinical, compliance, IT, consulting)
  • Technicians
  • Designers
  • Programmers
  • HR, Financial and Administrative professionals
  • Industrial staff

Temp Help

Here’s what we’ve spent years researching, and perfecting… At the core, we identify and cultivate strong and capable personnel within our extensive collective pool, develop and maintain referral pools, and utilize online search engines to populate and fulfill open job requirements for our clients. We use a number of digital recruiting programs to source, and match positions at client companies making sure that the right candidate is tapped to perform and successfully execute the right position. We’re not merely filling roles with warm bodies… We’re filling roles with competent and top-notch candidates that are ready and willing to successfully execute client goals.

Temp to Hire Help

We realize that there are times when the scope of a temporary position is just that – temporary. However, we offer our clients the option of utilizing our temp-to-hire service  to facilitate your business initiatives. This service enables you the opportunity to evaluate the contracted employee’s skills within your established work environment – affording you the ability to hire the right people for the right roles – again, with the underlying realization that we’re working to help you achieve and maintain your business objectives.

Payroll Services Program

We’ve had a lot of clients that have expressed an interest in our payroll services program. Our payroll service plan enables your company the opportunity for cost savings – helping eliminate co-employment costs like worker’s compensation claims, and administration termination expenses. Employment costs represent a sizable portion of company operations, which may fluctuate during peak workloads. The payroll service plan will accommodate these issues, and change in project and scheduling deadlines.

National Recruiting Center

We’re proud of the candidate database that we’ve cultivated. Our national recruiting center utilizes specialized search tactic criteria, and recruitment techniques to locate, prospect, and cull, quality personnel candidates locally, regionally, and nationally. In a nutshell, our recruiting center works – for us, and you. It’s proven, and we’ll prove it.

Vendor Management Services

In addition to providing you with exemplary staffing solutions, we also offer peace-of-mind within the working scope of our on-site vendor management services offering. If you need it, we provide you with one of our on-site manager resources whom will be in charge of managing your entire temporary labor program, allowing you and your own work-force assets to be able to focus your valuable time on assuring that the performance of mission-critical tasks and other pertaining business functions are uninterrupted. 

Permanent Placement

We offer direct placement for our clients. By utilizing this program, you’re saving yourself the headache(s) and resources that go into investing, recruiting, and grooming potential team members. The staffing process takes time when begun at the ground level. We offer you a candidate pool of seasoned, work-ready employees that have proven track records. After all, we are the Chief of Staff, and we embrace the commitment of offering you the best workforce talent available.