We have served a myriad array of industries, which include
(but aren’t exclusive to) aerospace, defense, maritime,
power and utility, technology, and beyond.US Professional Services

Whether you’re a government agency, or an upstart firm (of any size) looking to contract a percentage of your initial workforce or payroll, we’re here to serve you. We don’t believe in such a thing as limitations. With us anything is possible. Your goals and dreams are seamlessly, and effortlessly seen through from implementation to successful culmination of any project you have in the pipeline.

As an agency, our service and customer support are second to none. You’ll never be speaking to an automated attendant. You’ll be speaking with a real live human being. After all, this is the name of the game. In the staffing world, it’s all about people. We’re people serving people. It’s our passion, and we yield at nothing to earn your 100% satisfaction grade.

Serving industry leaders in:

  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Maritime
  • Power and Utility
  • Technology
  • and More