Recruiting for Mobile Developers Is Getting More Difficult

Has your company gone mobile? If they haven't yet developed a mobile strategy, chances are they will be soon – and you will need to source and hire candidates to fill mobile positions. One of the mobile jobs that is most in-demand is Mobile Developers. During June, more than 22,000 job ads were placed online for Mobile Developers in the US. Hiring demand for this talent has grown quickly, now up 159% year-over-year from June 2011 and marking a new high in the volume of available job listings. Among the most commonly advertised job titles for mobile developers are Web Developer, Java Developer, .NET Developer, Application Developer, and Android Developer.

Mobile development skills are most frequently advertised for jobs located in the New York metropolitan area. During June, more than 2,800 job ads in New York included mobile developers and grew more than 137% over the past year. Other metro areas with high demand for these skills were San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington (DC), and Chicago.

publish date

July 31, 2012