BAE Systems

The Electronic Systems (ES) sector spans the commercial and defense electronics markets with a broad portfolio of mission-critical electronic systems, including flight and engine controls; electronic warfare and night vision systems; surveillance and reconnaissance sensors; secure networked communications equipment; and power-and energy-management systems.

Our contract with BAE Electronic Systems enabled us to provide this esteemed electronics based organization with systems that helped them aide in providing their own client pool with stout defense based electronics operations. Some of the areas we were able to help with are as follows:

  • Surveillance and reconnaissance sensors
  • Flight and engine controls
  • Electronic warfare
  • Power and energy management systems

"This agency has been with the MSP Program for BAE Systems, ES Division. They have done an excellent job and have become one of the top 5 suppliers for the program. US Pro was recently granted the opportunity to process payroll service for the program due to their excellent response time and performance."

- Program Manager at Acro Service Corp for BAE Systems