Veteran's Talent Network

Are you a U.S. Veteran looking for a new Career?

At U.S. Professional Services we believe strongly in our country’s veterans. Being a staffing agency focused on government initiatives, we’re intimately tied to your success in working to improve and protect our country on a daily basis. You’re our frontline in affording us our day-to-day freedoms. Our assurance to you is that your service to this country does not go unnoticed.

Thus, one of the primary goals of our staffing agency is to put you on the frontline of the workforce. With your specialized training, expertise, and loyalty, you make ideal candidates for placement in many of the jobs we’re asked to fill on a daily basis.

This jobs portal is for you. Let’s work together to find the perfect situation for you now that you’re back home looking for a job that best suits your skillset and needs.

Your service deserves our service. Together our mission will result in great success.


Jobs at NESC Talent Network